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Why We Are Different

There are several companies, including ours, that are trying to address atrial fibrillation. We believe we have a better solution – everbeat checks your heart health throughout the day and prompts you to take your ECG only when there seems to be a problem. No need to wonder when to take your ECG, and then look for another device. The everbeat wristwatch monitors you all day long and alerts you of a potential problem. Then, you record your ECG right on the watch. If everbeat doesn’t sense a problem, you can have peace of mind.

We believe we are different because we are comprehensive and physician-friendly. We are comprehensive because we capture all of the important factors involved in heart health, and our ECG is delivered to the doctor with an initial assessment provided by our Cardiologs interface. Weight, activity, medication compliance, symptoms, blood oxygen, and blood pressure all matter.

We are physician-friendly because we have worked hard to identify and reduce or eliminate the obstacles that doctors’ offices face in serving their cardiac patients. Using our ECG as a foundation, we have created everbeat as a fully-functional remote patient monitoring system that meets Medicare’s stringent requirements for RPM reimbursement. Of course, the technology is only part of the solution. We can also support doctors’ needs to provide regular contact with their patient to make sure they are recording blood pressure, medications, and proper ECGs as Medicare requires. 

We have learned a lot in the years we have been working on cardiac healthcare. We have tried to focus on the process of managing cardiac health. We think about how to make it easy for the patient to be better engaged in their care.

We think about how to make the process better for the already-overworked cardiologist and their overworked office staff. We think about how to have proper incentives for doctors to prescribe everbeat instead of implanting expensive and invasive loop recorders.

We think about how to make using everbeat fun and rewarding for patients, so they stay engaged. Engagement and compliance are essential to good patient outcomes.  We are looking forward to hearing more from our doctors and patients about how we can improve our platform in ways that help everyone.