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Our Vision For Cardiac Care

The everbeat platform will transform cardiac care from reactive to preventative.

We envision a world where cardiologists and primary care physicians work very closely with their patients to keep them on track for a long and healthy life.

We see a world where strokes and deaths associated with cardiac arrhythmia decline dramatically. We see the costs paid by patients, employers and insurance companies including Medicare / Medicaid declining significantly.

We see our patients living longer, healthier lives.

We see them proudly wearing our everbeat watch, knowing what to do to remain healthy – supported by their loved ones and their doctors, because everbeat gives everyone full transparency into how they’re doing.

After we tackle atrial fibrillation, we plan to address other forms of cardiac arrhythmia. And then, perhaps, sleep apnea, or COPD, or diabetes. Because if we can make it easy for people to know how they’re doing and take better care of themselves, that’s game-changing.

That’s our vision.