Better heart health with everbeat

The everbeat platform is a mobile health management system that drives better heart health through an easy-to-use wearable device and mobile app. It has not yet been cleared by the FDA.

The everbeat platform

The everbeat system includes an interactive wearable monitoring wristband (not yet FDA-cleared), a blood pressure cuff and an optional pulse oximeter, all of which connect via Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone and associated mobile app.

Easy-to-wear and integrate into everyday life, everbeat provides active heart monitoring and allows the user to record ECGs that can be shared simply and securely with the user’s doctor and caregiver.

How It Works

Watch everbeat in action.

Patient Experience

What will you see in everbeat?

How To Get It

Not yet available.

Key features

  • ECG recording (pending FDA clearance)
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring (pending future FDA clearance)
  • Reminders to take your medications and record vital signs

  • Activity monitoring

  • Connection to your medical team to share data and activity


The everbeat platform’s clinical-grade ECG allows your physician to see if you are experiencing certain cardiac arrhythmias including atrial fibrillation.

About Atrial Fibrillation

Millions of people have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, and hundreds of thousands are newly diagnosed each year. Left untreated, atrial fibrillation can lead to life-altering or life-threatening strokes or blood clots. The everbeat system helps you record ECGs that you can share with your doctor, to help them manage your disease more effectively.

On-going patient health

The everbeat platform captures ongoing patient health data between doctor visits, providing the doctor with extensive information about your heart health, leading to better care and outcomes.

Identifying potential issues as early as possible from your daily data is key to more effective treatment plans. Waiting months or even years between doctor’s visits means delays in diagnosing problems, and delays lead to poorer outcomes.

Developed by cardiologists

The everbeat platform was developed by cardiologists for cardiologists who recognized the need to help cardiac patients better adhere to their care plan and monitor their condition at home between doctor visits.

A Wearable ECG

Through a wearable wrist-band and smartphone app, everbeat allows the user to record a clinical-grade single-lead ECG that can be shared with doctors and caregivers easily and securely.

Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring

The everbeat platform will periodically check your heart rate using its optical PPG sensor. If your heart rate is normal, everbeat goes back to sleep. If not, everbeat will prompt you to record your ECG. This feature is pending future FDA clearance.

The Aging Population

Older Americans, especially younger baby boomers, are increasingly comfortable with smart phones. Over half of adults over age 50, and 73% of adults 50-59 own a smartphone. (Source Credit: AARP Research)

We have applied for FDA clearance

The everbeat platform will only be available for sale in the United States once the FDA has cleared the product. The FDA performs a vital function, protecting the US consumer by evaluating medical devices (among many other products) for safety and effectiveness.  We performed extensive testing of everbeat and submitted an application to the FDA in late 2019.

The CDC estimates that between 2.7–6.1 million people in the United States have atrial fibrillation, and the number of impacted people is expected to increase as the population ages.

If not managed, Atrial Fibrillation can lead to blood clots and strokes. The everbeat platform empowers patients to take control of their health and daily care.

Through reminders, monitoring, and connection to their doctor and caregiver, the everbeat platform helps patients adhere to their care plan, connecting every day decisions and actions to long-term health.

Holter monitors, and other common solutions for cardiac remote monitoring, are designed for short-term, diagnostic use and are often uncomfortable and difficult to use. everbeat complements these short-term products, by offering long-term care and monitoring solutions for the patient, doctor, and caregiver.

everbeat founders have themselves been caregivers for loved ones and have been frustrated with the lack of easy-to-use tools available to patients and caregivers of those with chronic health conditions.

everbeat was developed by cardiologists to provide patients a tool to manage and monitor their heart condition at home.