Our Mission

The everbeat platform is being offered by Grektek, whose mission is to help dramatically improve cardiac care. We created everbeat to improve our ability to take care of ourselves, especially as we get older, and with a strong focus on heart health. Most existing solutions related to cardiac care are unattractive and cumbersome, and brand the patient as weak or sickly. At Grektek, we designed everbeat to be elegant and simple, allowing patients to take better care of themselves with dignity and comfort. We also believe that patients will enjoy the everbeat solution, which means they will use it consistently for a long time – and sustained use of a cardiac monitoring platform is essential to getting healthy. (Note that we have applied for FDA clearance to sell everbeat in the US, but have not yet received this clearance.)

To achieve our mission, we have combined two essential elements for our patients:

  • a personal cardiac care assistant, that reminds the patient of each important behavior necessary for a healthy heart – including recording your own ECG.
  • connectivity from the patient to their caregivers and to their doctors. This connectivity is critical to provide regular support and feedback to the patient in their quest for heart health.

In summary, our mission at Grektek is to build enabling technology — the everbeat platform — that makes it simple for heart patients and their support team to better manage their heart health.