HealthyWatch HealthyWatch Pro Details
Photo The Healthywatch Pro does everything the base HelthyWatch does in a sleeker design and adds continuous heart rate,active monitoring and alerting
Version Delivery Date 1.0 - Feb 2017 1.0 -June 2017 200Early backes from Kickstarter can get healthyWatch in December
MSRP $150 $200 30day replacement warranty
Mobile app HealthyWatch HealthyWatch Pro both devices will work with the healtywatch app on both IOS and Android.Beta App is iOS only
Monthly Subscription $25 $25 Caregiver View-Allows real time visibility of patient's health status.Multiple Caregiver Support Caregiver Alerts and Reports Shared Patient DAshboard Patients Report Sharing-send Patient History to the doctor.
Bettary Life 3-4 weeks 5-10 days HealthyWatch Pro battery life may be shorter if continuous heart rate feature is used
Water Resistance 30 minutes 60 minutes International Protection Rated: IP65- Bried exposure to water is ok,showers not recommended
Charging time 10 minutes 20 minutes Displays shows when charging,level of charge and when full
Quick charge Enough charge to last the day
Steps Counter Tracks your steps , displays on watch and records in HealthyWatch app
EKG Watch to monitor your heart with EKG
Meditation Reminder Vibrates And Displays Medication Name
Meals Reminder Vibrates And Displays Meal REminders
Appointment Reminder Vibrates And Displays Appointment name
Charging stand and Charging adapter HealthyWatchPro charging stand cradles the watch so it can show alerts when charging visible,includes charging adapter
Continuous Heart Rate Heart Rate is read at regular intervals and saved to HealthyWatch App
Active Alerting Engine The Active alert engine can support heuristic algorithms to combine configurable information such as heart rate and activity history to alert the patient of conditions warranting further examination