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HealthyWatch Pro

We are developing the HealthyWatch Pro incorporating continuous heart rate monitoring into a smaller, sleeker frame. The HealthyWatch Pro will deliver active detection technology alerting you to potential issues proactively, rather than waiting until you think something is wrong. Target delivery date is December 2017, beta starts June 2017.

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The Challenge

Sick care or Health care? In the US we typically practice sick care: we go to the doctor when there is a problem, and then we often don’t listen to the doctor. We know this is a bad idea, but we still do it. It gets even worse as we age – we have less support, money, mobility and fewer options. We know ignoring our health issues only makes them worse. See More

Patient Centric Design

Health care HealthyWatch can help you keep on track with monitoring your vital signs, taking your medication, and recording your meals. By sharing this data with your caregivers and doctors, you can receive positive feedback and help take better care of yourself. See More

How does it work

Healthy Watch combines an attractive watch, an easy-to-use mobile application, and powerful cloud infrastructure to bring together all aspects of your health care: your body, your doctors, your care plan, and your caregivers.

connect with friends and family

The HealthyWatch System HealthyWatch combines the capabilities of your mobile device and extends your care plan to your wrist so it’s always with you. Staying healthy requires daily attention and HealthyWatch is there to help you.

Anywhere and anytime

Daily Health Healthy Your daily health routine can be complicated and challenging to follow. HealthyWatch lists all activities, reminds you when to do them and records when you have completed them.


Hear from the team

My patients are desperate for a tool to manage and monitor their heart condition at home - that's where the battle is really won or lost.
Matt Jones MD - Interventional Cardiology, Mount Sinai Medical Center and GrekTek Co-Founder
EverBeat is the first step in our vision to empower both patients and caregivers to take charge of their health and live with dignity, security and happiness.
Greg Eoyang President of GrekTek.